Flourish  for Mums

Planting the seeds of self-care, love, and acceptance.

Trusting, that as those seeds are nurtured, a greater love will grow, thrive, and flourish throughout the world.

Sonia Bestulic (Author of Flourish for Mums)

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About  Flourish   for  Mums

Motherhood carries an unexpected, yet evolutionary path of self-development and self discovery. The weight of social media, societal expectations, and an ever-evolving concept of what it means to be a good parent plays heavily on the minds of mothers. Flourish for Mums: 21 ways to thrive with self-care and acceptance is a much-needed circuit breaker.

  • 21 essential wellbeing principles to release ‘mother guilt’, embrace acceptance, and feel self-empowered.
  • Inspires mothers to cultivate inner strength and lifelong wellbeing, offering simple, yet powerful self-nurture strategies.
  • A necessary guide for mothers to step into a new zone of selfcare – honouring themselves and accepting their worth whilst celebrating the children in their lives.
  • Allows a mother to feel understood and valued as an individual, who is also fulfilling a mother role, with its many joys and challenges.
  • The perfect gift book for all mothers – especially Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Get Well soon, New arrival (whether it be a brand-new mum, or mum welcoming another child)
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About  the Author

Sonia Bestulic is a 3x Award winning Author of both Children’s and Adults books; Wellness Empowerment Coach; Podcaster, and highly regarded Keynote Speaker. A socially conscious entrepreneur; Sonia is Founding Director of Talking Heads Speech Pathology; and Flourish for Mums. She is also Co-Founder/ Director of Flourishing Ladies.
Sonia is an advocate for honouring mothers’ wellbeing, celebrating children, and living a life powered by love. She combines real-world experience having worked with thousands of mothers and their children, together with her own lived motherhood, raising three children (all born within about 2 ½ years!). An extraordinary blend of creativity, intellect, empathy and passionate, determined drive; Sonia shares a natural gift for empowering those with children in their lives, to embrace their own personal growth. Sonia is revered as a ‘sage’, often referred to as the ‘self-care wing woman, the world has been waiting for’. She extends her expertise as a resident parent expert on Parent TV and regularly writes for and is featured across various media, including Mamamia; 9Honey Parenting; SWIISH Wellness, and Bounty Parents.

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Words of Praise

Tory Archbold

Founder and Director of Powerful Steps and Torstar

Sonia shines a light for us all to know that the power lies within us to ‘flourish’ at any time we choose. She gives valuable insights that empower us to become the best version of ourselves and for this I am grateful.

Peace Mitchell

Co-Founder The Women’s Business School and AusMumpreneur

This book is a beautiful reminder of the importance of mothers investing in their own self-care as part of their daily routines. Inspirational yet practical, Flourish for Mums will dramatically impact women who are navigating the challenges and responsibilities of motherhood while staying true to themselves.

Jacinta Tynan

Journalist and author of Mother Zen and The Single Mother’s Social Club

Flourish for Mums is a timely invitation for mothers to drop the expectations they place on themselves and sink into the liberating flow of self-awareness and connection. Only then can she pause to notice her children’s lives play out so she doesn’t miss a thing

Photo: Anna Hamilton

More Testimonials

Flourish for Mums provides 21 invaluable insights and tools for mothers to understand their value. A healing, loving, practical guide, Flourish for Mums is simple, yet beautifully written, creating a safe place to explore self-care as integral to raising children.

Susanne Gervay OAMAuthor, Regional Advisor Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators

This compassionate, wise and soulful book cuts to the heart of motherhood, and the journey we women take as we lose and then reinvent ourselves. It’s the ideal handholding companion for any mum, but especially those starting the journey.

Michelle MitchellAuthor – Speaker – Educator

I would recommend Flourish for Mums as a wonderful, supportive companion on the journey through motherhood and selfcare. Simple, soulful, sacred messages for you as you navigate self-discovery, awaken to consciousness and guide yourself through to clarity and connection to what’s important to you. A beautiful gift for any occasion. An insightful and grounding read.

Josephine ZappiaHolistic Health Practitioner and Health Writer

Flourish for Mums is an uplifting guide for mums who are navigating though the emotional roller coaster of motherhood! It’s full of real-life anecdotes and practical tips to help women to pause, reflect and nourish. It’s like having a chat with your best friend! A must have guide for mothers who are wanting to embrace self-love and care.

Seeta McDonaldEarly childhood & Primary school teacher - Mother and Stepmother

This book is so timely and yet I wish I had it for my own first years as a mum almost 17 years ago. The pressures we put on ourselves to be perfect, to meet unrealistic standards while juggling family life, careers and relationships is unsustainable. Sonia’s beautiful book is a chance to stop and recalibrate. Beautifully written and with easy to follow ideas. I love the way she weaves her own journey as a mother into the narrative, it’s honest and real and so easy to relate to. A must read for any mum.

Tina Harris aka Lah-Lah

Mothers tend to put everyone else’s needs in front of their own. Flourish for Mums changes that and encourages mothers to actively engage in their own self-care without feeling guilty. Bravo! This is the book I wish I had when my babies were small.

Katrina McCarterFounder & CEO, Marketing to Mums and Mum of three

Thank you Sonia for capturing the joys of motherhood and reminding us of the power of self-love. This is a book that you will want to read time and time again. I found myself smiling, laughing and sharing knowing nods with each chapter.

Lisa HarrisonMother of two, Senior Executive

As a psychologist I see firsthand some of the more difficult experiences that come with being a mum. After working with a large number of mothers, I have noticed they all have one thing in common: they are really, really stressed out. Sonia’s Flourish For Mums fills in the missing pieces, by giving mums an easy-to-understand guide to the important but often challenging motherhood journey.

Funda YolalPrincipal Psychologist and Director of Tiny Terrors

Great little book!
Filled with great messages for women, but in particular, mothers.
This book is easy to read, not too big, it's filled with lots of inspiring quotes that make you think, offers insights that plant seeds of self-care, change, growth, love and acceptance. If you are wondering whether I recommend it? Yes, I do recommend it to you!

Rose Ilioski