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Taking time to be with nature is a simple yet effective way to invest in ourselves. I made a commitment to myself in 2020 to create regular time to be with nature. Living near the ocean, this has been my place to connect, and just be… in whatever way felt right for me on any particular day.

That decision to ‘just be’, was important – I made a conscious decision not to set any specific goals; so that meant; not planning to walk a certain distance; or sit on the sand for a predetermined length of time. This in itself has been deeply liberating.

The simple act of being in nature, gifts a reset, of mind, body and spirit; reminding us of the rhythm and pace of life. For me it created even more space for creativity and quality connection not only with others, but also with the nature surrounding me.

I am so grateful, for the continued discoveries, and gentle companionship that nature, so generously offers.

I wonder in what ways you can use nature within your self-nurture…