Flourishing Ladies Event Series

Our mission is to empower women to experience a deeply liberating connection with their true self and self-wealth.

After the large success of our Sydney dinner event in March, it is an honour to share the continuation of the Flourishing Ladies Event Series! Hosting these alongside the wonderful Alice Schaefer and Julia Scott; we hope to help ignite the spark for women to flourish, with financial freedom and fulfilment. ⁠

It is always beautifully energising to come together in collaboration with others who share a dedication to creating, inspiring and empowering positive change in the world… and that is exactly what our Flourishing Ladies events are all about.

Flourishing Ladies Dinner & Speaking Event

When three passionate female entrepreneurs bring together their combined wisdom to inspire positive change in women, you know something truly unique is unfolding. After our largely successful Flourishing Ladies Dinner in Sydney, we are empowered to continue our mission to help ladies Flourish!

Join us for an evening of divine connection and inspiration.

Wine, champagne, and a beautiful three-course meal

An inspirational speaking session from each of us

Networking and connection with like-minded high vibe women


Attendee Testimonial!

Pina Brandi attended our Sydney Flourishing Ladies Event and watch her video beside this to hear some of her thoughts!

“A collective of powerful women coming together and sharing their experiences” – Pina Brandi

Flourishing Ladies 1 Day Workshop

This workshop will wake up your consciousness to allow you to thrive.


Now is the time to make positive changes. Tap into our wealth of experience and know-how. You’ll learn fast. You’ll shift old energy and bring in the new. You’ll feel liberated and alive.


The Flourishing Ladies 5 hour workshop delivers intelligent and inspiring tools for personal finance, life choices and healthy boundaries – everything you need to live your best life.

Explore, discover and reconnect. You’ll shed limiting beliefs, lighten your load, and remember who you really are so that you can step into your best self and be in flow with life.

Immerse, Experience and Enlighten. The last section of the workshop involves deep immersion and experiential learning; activating the growth of your self-care seeds to new heights of possibility.

This half-day, dynamic workshop will have you shifting old, stuck energy, creating space for renewed, rejuvenated and empowered life flow… the perfect launchpad for activating your inspired dreams.


Who Are We?



Meet Sonia Bestulic – An Award-winning, 3x Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur, Sonia understands the genius of balance in life; having 3 children in 2 years whilst building her company; writing books; speaking; coaching and podcasting. Sonia has a life-long dedication to creatively empowering positive change and healing in the world. Founder of Flourish for Mums, and highly regarded ‘self-care wing woman’, Sonia takes wellness to a whole new level; as women embrace a life of ease, flow and vibrancy; redefining self-care as their superpower.



Meet Julia Scott – Founder of Love Luck Wealth, Julia is renowned for closing the gap between women and wealth. She was taught from a young age that she could be ANYONE she wanted in life; that money DOES grow on trees; and that there’s ALWAYS a way to make more. She is the woman you wish you’d met 20 years ago! Julia helps women eliminate fear, uncover money blocks and empower them to set themselves up for massive financial success the feminine way.



Meet Alice Schaefer – The passionately energised Founder of Retreat a Little, Alice is recognised for her success in leading women back to a powerful reconnection with themselves through her signature programs and her well-being retreats. Alice draws inspiration from her own transformative, personal journey of fulfilment after ending her 21-year global career in healthcare to up-level her way of living. Alice gifts women with the courage and powerful tools they need, to step into their best life, on their own terms; and by their own design.

It is your time to flourish, with financial freedom and fulfilment. Let us flourish together with you.